Welcome to Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC)

Do IT Better Consortium (DIBC), founded by David Jacobs of MaxVal Consultancy in 2014, is a cooperative of like minded business IT supplier consultancies and consultants who believe business and organisational IT and digital transformation can be done better than per industry norms, especially in respect of levels of business value, success and ROI engendered.

We believe in giving better help to client organisations with optimising their business processes and IT to achieve more productivity, success, margin, value, ROI, etc.

We use Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®), developed by David Jacobs of MaxVal Consultancy and founder of DIBC, to do this.

To read about BVMF® and the training, certification and licensing MaxVal Consultancy is now offering please visit www.Maximum-Value.co.uk

Our DIBC consultants include senior business analysts, project managers, programme managers and architects who are all trained in BVMF®, believe (much) better can be done and love to deploy their capabilities as business value maximisation specialists (BVMSs) for the benefit of client organisations.

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To contact us email DavidJ@DoITBetterConsortium.co.uk, call/text David on 07799 036652 or use the Contact page on the MaxVal Consultancy website as shown above.